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---name: YAML
purpose: encoding of data for storage or transmission (data serialization)
types_supported: [strings, floats, ints, dictionaries, lists]

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Why this guide

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Areas I have adapted

Night Sleep

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  • Day 1 (7th): Onboarding
  • Day 2 — Day 4: (8th — 10th): Self-learning clinic
  • Day 5 (11th): Review


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  • E — Excellence
  • P — Passion
  • I — Integrity
  • C — Collaboration


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  1. Encapsulation
  2. Abstraction
  3. Inheritance
  4. Polymorphism
public class User {
private String name;
private String password;

User() {

Micah Akpan

Problem Solver, Software Developer Consultant @AIM Consulting Group, JavaScript Freak, Freelance Code Reviewer

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